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Jay Gemini, LLC

250+ LoFi Boom Bap HipHop Drum Breaks Sample Pack

250+ LoFi Boom Bap HipHop Drum Breaks Sample Pack

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Over 250 Drum Breaks

From LoFi Sleep to Boom Bap, we've got you covered. This sample pack filled with vintage Hiphop Drum Loops for all your needs. All the loops are have the BPM Labeled and organized. It is a great addition to your collection of samples. The drag and drop simplicity of this pack makes it easy to add drums to any track in a matter of moments. Bring an amazing 90's aesthetic to your track by adding the vintage sounds of these lofi hiphop drums.

The biggest Lofi and Boom Bap Drum Break Sample Pack

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This pack is 695Mb and currently includes

  • 9 Drum Breaks from 50-59 BPM
  • 27 Drum Breaks from 60-69 BPM
  • 38 Drum Breaks from 70-79 BPM
  • 62 Drum Breaks from 80-89 BPM
  • 93 Drum Breaks from 90-99 BPM
  • 11 Drum Breaks from 100-119 BPM
  • 10 Drum Breaks from 120-129 BPM
  • 51 LoFi HipHop and Boom Bap Toppers
  • PLUS 25 Free Drum Breaks (Learn More)
  • Total of 275 Drum Breaks and 51 Toppers

This pack will continue to be updated throughout the year. You will receive any additional sounds we add at no further cost. An email will be sent to notify you if we make any changes.

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