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Panda Jams is a dynamic playlist curator on Spotify, offering a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their music. Our playlists are reordered daily, ensuring that every artist has a chance to be the top song. However, the real advantage lies in our hourly playlists, which are updated every single hour with fresh tracks from our rotation catalog. What sets us apart is that subscribed members enjoy the privilege of staying in rotation continuously, guaranteeing that their music is always featured in the playlist. Join Panda Jams as a subscribed member to maximize your exposure and ensure your music is consistently showcased to our listeners.

Submit Your Music

At Panda Jams, we're revolutionizing the submission process to make it quick, responsive, and transparent:

  • Submission Efficiency: We strive to make our submission process the quickest and most responsive ever, prioritizing your time as an artist.
  • Flexible Pricing: Submission prices may vary based on the volume of submissions at the time, allowing us to handle the increasing demand while ensuring fair opportunities for all.
  • Pending Submissions Page: Upon submitting your music, you can track your progress on our Pending Submissions Page. Here, you can see your spot in line and stay updated on the status of your submission.
  • Current Playlist Page: Once your song is approved, it will appear on our Current Playlist Page. This is the best way for you to ensure that your song is in rotation and reaching our audience.
  • Shared Success: All profits generated by Panda Jams are reinvested in marketing the playlists. This means that everyone's contributions are pooled together to support the success of the entire community. Together, we can achieve greater exposure and reach for all artists involved.


Memberships are the core support for Panda Jams, enabling us to deliver fast and reliable service. Here's what you get as a member:

  • Comprehensive Song Review: Upon becoming a member, we review all of your songs. We listen to every single song on your Spotify and add as many of your songs to our catalog for rotation.
  • Always on the Playlist: The big draw for members is that you will always have at least 1 song on our playlist at any given time. We rotate through your songs as much as we can, ensuring our listeners have the opportunity to fall in love with your music.
  • Limited Membership: To maintain the quality and reward our members, we only allow a limited number of members at any given time. This way, members are rewarded without overwhelming the playlist for everyone else.
  • Subscription Fee: Members pay a monthly subscription fee, which helps support our platform and limit the number of memberships available. Prices may fluctuate over time to ensure the sustainability of the community.
  • Exclusive Privileges: In addition to premium playlist placements, members also receive special privileges in our Discord server, discounts on sample packs, and insider information from the owner to collaborate on new ideas.

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