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Jay Gemini offers Artist Services for Independent Artists and Musicians through our label, The Twin Studios. From Day 1, you are Independent from the Label. We don't "sign" artists like traditional labels. You own all of your own work. We don't collect royalties. We show you how to collect your own royalties. From an idea in your head to revenue from people you've never met, The Twin Studios has your back.


Artist Services

Recommended Equipment

We swear by Apple products to have an easy learning curve and still produce a professional sound. We recommend you purchase a MacBook Pro. However, PC users can often have an advantage due to the larger variety of programs and plugins. Find out what works best for you.

If you plan on recording on your own, you're going to need an interface and a good microphone. FInding the best fit for your budget can be challenging. 

Every Step of The Way

From Industry Standard Recording Tips to Marketing Tactics, we are there for you. The Twin Studios Team will support you through each and every process. We don't collect royalties and we don't own any rights to your music. You are in control and we will work to abide by your preferences.





  • Consultations and Support
  • Composing and Recording
  • An Arsenal of Beats
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Logo and Album Artwork
  • Publication and Copyright
  • Distribution and Revenue
  • Advertising and Brand Awareness
  • Website Development and Design
  • Contests, Gigs, and Collaborations


We only charge you based on what you need. 


Let's Get Started!

To get started, send us an email with all of your questions and concerns down below.

We're Looking Forward to Hearing Your Original Sound!

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