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Microfiber Samples - Drum One Shots

Microfiber Samples - Drum One Shots

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🎶 Unleash the Funky Freshness of Cleanliness! 🧼

Dive into a world where cleaning meets creativity with our Microfiber Samples! Perfect for musicians who love a dash of humor in their beats, this sample pack is nothing short of a sonic cleaning spree.

What's Inside

Smack Attack

Feel the satisfying thud of microfiber cloths smacked in their pristine plastic packaging. It's like bubble wrap's cooler cousin decided to drop a beat!

Pile Driver

A symphony of smacks awaits as we pound on a pile of plush microfiber, crafting a texture-rich sound that's both soft and striking.

Whip Crack Echoes

Whipping the cloth toward the mic, we've captured the sharp, snappy echoes that are perfect for adding a crisp edge to your tracks.

Pop 'n' Lock

Stretch a cloth out quickly and revel in the surprising pop sounds it generates, ideal for punctuating those rhythmic moments in your music.

Why You'll Love It

Unique Sounds

From the comical to the surprisingly musical, these sounds offer a fresh palette for your creative endeavors.

High-Quality Audio

32-Bit Float, 44.1khz

200+ files, including RAW (129), Normalized (129), and Processed (87) copies of each sound.

Versatile Use

Whether you're producing a funky track or adding a quirky twist to your music, these sounds are sure to inspire.

Embrace the Absurd, Elevate Your Beats

Who said cleaning can't be fun? With our "Whack 'n' Snap Microfiber Beat Collection", you're not just purchasing sounds; you're embracing a world where cleanliness reverberates through your music. Add this pack to your arsenal and watch your tracks shine brighter than a freshly cleaned window!

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