LoFi HipHop Spotify Playlist Submissions

I've been marketing my music for the last 4-5 years. I've done it all by myself. In the last three months, I have quadrupled my statistics. Here's how to market your music for free.

LoFi HipHop

This article pertains to instrumental, LoFi HipHop music. You can replicate these methods for other genres. However, if you would like to submit to my Spotify Playlists, I am only accepting instrumental, LoFi HipHop at this time.


The Playlists

I've created several, niche playlists that I've been marketing. Instead of marketing my own songs, I simply market these playlists instead. These Spotify Playlists have hundreds of artists on them and they're updated regularly.

Thousands of songs get played each week through these playlists. You have a chance to be on these playlist. All you have to do is follow these playlists.

Submit Your Music Now


Moving Forward

Now, it is your job to help market these playlists. Play these playlists on shuffle. Share these with your friends and fans. You can put these playlists on your story and post links on your profile. Add them to you Artist's Playlist Section through Spotify For Artists for even more streams.

This entire program is community funded. Everyone involved is sharing and marketing these playlists to support the whole community. It is important to take care of each other. We are all a team

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