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Panda Jams is a Spotify Playlist Curator. We make playlists, put your music on it, and market those playlists so you can get more streams! Panda Jams is expanding to all genres, but is currently focused on LoFi HipHop. You can check out are complete list of playlists on Spotify by visiting playlists.LoFiPandaJams.com.

All our streams are genuine and we'll never use bots to generate fake streams. However, we do use bots to update the playlists as well as post content on Twitter and Instagram. This has allowed Panda Jams to be the first curator with Hourly LoFi Playlists. That's right. Our LoFi Hiphop playlists don't update weekly or daily. They update every single hour!

Jay Gemini has helped LoFi Panda Jams become what it is today. Please help us return the favor by supporting Jay Gemini. They are a growing asset to any musician; with an ever expanding Sample Pack library and Tutorials to help you along your way.

Submit Your Music!

Currently, we are only accepting Instrumental LoFi HipHop. If your music doesn't sound like the music on our playlists, please don't submit.


Memberships | Playlist Submissions

The Best Way to Get More Streams on Spotify

Playlist submissions are currently hosted through KoFi. There are 4 Tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

We check for membership updates several times throughout the week. Memberships support LoFi Panda Jams and Jay Gemini to help post LoFi edits to Instagram/Twitter, advertise the playlists, keep the playlists updated, create sample packs, and make tutorials to help you on your musical journey.

Members get premium placement. Meaning, your approved songs are on the top of our playlists. Our Members get access to the Discord server, Sample Pack discounts, and much more.

Memberships are handled through Ko-Fi, a third-party donation site. To view are current membership plans, visit join.LoFiPandaJams.com

One-Time Donations | Playlist Submissions

One-Time Donations are a great way to submit your music, while still supporting our cause. These Playlist Submissions are checked every few weeks. Your music will be added to the Master Playlist. Watch our video to learn more.

One-Time Donations are handled through Ko-Fi, a third-party donation site. To get started, visit donate.LoFiPandaJams.com

Free Submissions

Free submissions require you to follow our playlists. Free Submissions are handled through Toneden, Google Forms, and a python script that updates the Pending Submissions Playlist automatically. Watch our video to learn more.

  1. Visit free.LoFiPandaJams.com to get started
  2. Toneden will verify that you follow our playlists and unlock a Google Form link
  3. Use the Google Form to Submit your music
  4. Your song will automatically be added to the "Pending Submission" playlist within 48 hours. @LoFiSpotify will Tweet every time the Pending Submission playlist has been updated. You can also view this playlist at pending.LoFiPandaJams.com
  5. Your submission may take a long time before it gets reviewed. Once reviewed, approved songs will be added to the Master Playlist. Watch our video to learn more.
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