As mentioned in the book, being nostalgic is not the same as being materialistic. The standard over-consuming materialist loves something for the sake of having it. Someone who is nostalgic, has something for the sake of loving it. Do you see the difference?

It’s not about having nothing. It’s about only keeping what is worth having. I’m actually a bit of a hoarder and extremely nostalgic myself. I also strive to be a minimalist, as I don’t like clutter and junk. It’s complicated, I know. To help fix this problem even further, I just don’t ask for things that I won’t use.

Inspired by my older sister, this is why I made a wishlist of everything I’ll ever want. I’ve posted this list on my website and it truly includes everything; a private jet, a yacht, a beach house, etc. When I buy something for myself, it’s almost always something from this list. I’ll update it whenever I need to cross something off. I find myself rarely adding anything new. This limits me from spontaneously binge spending on random things I don’t need.

I finally found my own version of the Steve Jobs Uniform. He kept it simple; black turtleneck, blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers. While I haven’t hit this level of simplicity, I’ve definitely found my favorite version of things.

I’ll pick up just about any pair of aviator style sunglasses, as long as they’re under $20. While I try to treat them with care, I end up breaking several pair every summer. For nearly all of my shirts and hoodies, I like Bella + Canvas. There is the #3001 t-shirts, #3501 long sleeve, #3719 pullover hoodie, and the #3939 zip hoodie. I typically wear RSQ jeans or chinos from Tilly’s or just about any pair of cargo shorts that cost about $20.

For socks, it’s either the Nike SX6898-100 (white, no show) or the SX6899-010 (black, ankle). I picked Nike hoping they won’t change these around too much. I can’t stand wasting away my life sorting socks. I just donated what I had and bought 12 pair of each kind. There are better things in life than wasting time sorting socks. Finally, I’ve gotten rid of most of my shoes. I have one pair of steal-toe boots and one pair of slip-resistant (TredSafe) work shoes. What is left is predominately Vans or Converse.

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